Top 10 Nursing Scholarships For Single Mothers - Single Mothers Grant (2023)

If you want to become a nurse and a single mother, the good news for you is here. Now you will get nursing scholarships for single mothers and fulfill your dream career.

In the clinical health industry, about 2.5 million nurses are working and make up the largest work team. And the demand for nurses from the clinical health industry is still open, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With the increasing population of the USA, more nurses are needed. More nurses are moving into primary care settings, and hence the clinical healthcare industry faces a shortage of nurses, especially the skilled ones.

The population is growing as well as aging, and hence the shortage of nurses is a severe problem, according to experts. Even in the recession time, the nursing industry is expecting the opposite. Expectedly, there will be a 27% hike in the growth in employment of registered nurses in the next five to six years.

To meet the demand for nurses, the government and non-government organizations are offering nursing scholarships, and it includes nursing scholarships for single moms. Today, many scholarships are offered and available by the government and other non-governmental organizations. All of them are available at different educational levels like graduate Scholarships, post-doc scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, master’s degrees, or doctorate.

This kind of Scholarship helps needy people like single mothers to complete their education and get the desired level in the nursing field. No matter what level single moms want to reach, the scholarship providers offer partial or full scholarships to the applicant. And I am here with the same details today, including known names that provide nursing scholarships for single mothers, the type of Scholarship, and eligibility criteria.

How To Find Nursing Scholarships For Single Mothers?

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1 How To Find Nursing Scholarships For Single Mothers?

2 Frequently Asked Questions

2.1 How do single moms go to nursing school?

2.2 Can you go to nursing school and be a mom?

2.3 How can a single mom afford college?

2.4 Do single moms qualify for FAFSA?

2.5 Conclusion

Finding the right Scholarship for a single mother is tough, especially when there is no website or portal to locate them. Most of the grants don’t have a special provision like it is for single mothers only. It is given away to the most eligible people from all the applicants.

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Discovering websites that offer exceptional service to single moms alone is tough. Those sites that offer such services would ask you to fill out the application form to confirm that you are eligible for the nursing scholarships for single mothers that you wish to apply for. After the confirmation, they will give you a full or partial scholarship, as stated in the form. Full Scholarship for nursing for single moms means the provider in nursing education makes all the payments. The applicant needn’t worry about any of the expenses related to the course during their entire academic session.

While the partial scholarships would take care of only the tuition fees that are to be paid at the commencement of every term. All the other expenses are to be taken care of by the applicant. No added expenses would be paid off under the scholarships.

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Nursing is in demand, and hence the bodies hike the fees, but not all can afford to pay such high fees. It is due to these government programs and charities that offer grants to single moms that single moms are getting an opportunity to complete their education. Also, there are online learning courses available, that save you time and money.

Best Nursing Scholarships For Single Mothers To Complete Education

Returning to nursing school is a challenging task, especially after a pause. Working, feeding children, and offering financial support are other tasks that one has to manage along with the studies. For a single parent, earning a college degree is difficult. Parenting without a partner is financially challenging, but a degree gives a single mother a good working position to pay the debt.

Single parents in the nursing face all these obstacles; many financing options are there to help the desired candidate. And below is the list of such sources that offer a scholarship for nursing school. Have a look.

  • Helen E walker Endowed Scholarships:

They have reputed scholarship plans for single mothers studying at St. Luke’s College. This Scholarship is available to nursing students who are single parents and are facing a financial crisis. The minimum GPA required to be eligible for these scholarships is 2.5 and there must be a severe need for funds in the family of the applicant.

  • Texas Tech University:

Texas Tech University offers a scholarship to black single moms around the globe, and it includes nursing courses as well. Texas Tech appreciates and welcomes women into the field of nursing by providing nursing scholarships for single mothers globally. The scholarships are provided based on a merit system. If you qualify and achieve a position in the merit list generated by the university then you would be provided with the handsome grant amount set by the university authorities. To get more information regarding the deadlines and eligibility for the scholarship you can visit their official site.

  • Army ROTC Nurse Officer Program:

It provides scholarships to undergraduate college nursing students. Not only Scholarships but also offers leadership and job opportunities as well. It pays for either the applicant’s tuition fees or provides funds for room and meals for the entire year. It also provides a stipend of $420 a month and $1,200 for books for the entire year. The nursing scholarships for single mothers are awarded based on high academic achievements, excellence in athletics, and demonstrated leadership skills.

This scholarship also gives them a chance of serving the nation its applicants after they complete their education. They can get themselves admitted to the Army or serve the nation in one or another way while remaining in one of the 4 units of defense of the country.

  • ‘Back to School Nursing Scholarship: is awarding two scholarships of $2500. One is for the non-nurse who is going back to school to become a nurse and another is for the one who is going back to school for an RN to BSN curriculum.

  • Brain Track: Nursing Scholarships for Single Mothers:

The BrainTrack Scholarship for Nursing is open for the student with a minimum of one semester of credits for the nursing degree. All the applicants have to answer the question based on an essay, and from the evolution, the final list is declared. One student is awarded $1000 for the judge’s best entry, and another one gets $500 from BrainTrack twice a year. Winners are selected based on thoughtfulness, creativity, focus, accuracy, and practical value.

  • Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc.:

It offers annual Scholarships on the regional, national, and local levels and the minority that are worth $50,000. It is for students who want to pursue a nursing degree.

  • Nursing Home Abuse:

Nursing Home Abuse is a non-profit organization that provides nursing scholarships for single mothers. The main aim of this institute is to encourage and educate women to pursue nursing. Due to the recent rise in the demand for people in this field, it has become essential to educate more and more people about the pros of working in this field.

With this goal, Nursing Home Abuse has introduced nursing scholarships that would provide the required help to the people who aspire to continue in this field but due to financial instability are not being able to go further in the field.

For US students, Nursing Home Abuse offers a $5000 scholarship to all the aspirant candidates who want to pursue their degree in nursing at nursing home abuse. Nursing Home Abuse, in collaboration with Education Aid, gives away these nursing scholarships for single mothers annually. The eligibility for the scholarship is that the applicant must be a U.S. citizen. She must be a student of an accredited post-secondary institution.

  • National Black Nurses Association (NBNA):

NBNA provides an award under the title of student nurse of the year to an NBNA member to find out the right candidate for a higher or advanced nursing degree. NBNA works to inspire students in the nursing field to achieve excellence through their nursing scholarship for single mothers programs. Although there are some eligibility criteria that one needs to meet to avail of the benefits of the scholarship program.

The applicant is required to write a 2-page essay on how nursing can be revolutionized by them and why they need the scholarship program to support them financially. They are also required to get 2 letters of recommendation. They are also required to submit official transcripts from a reputed and accredited nursing school. If these criteria are met then are chances that the applicant might get selected for the scholarship program.

  • Danville Community College for Nursing scholarship:

Danville Regional Medical School will award a total of 60 scholarships worth about $500,000 in the next five years. Yes, you have to apply for it, and if you are qualified, you are one of the students who get this grand Scholarship. It covers tuition fees and other costs associated with a nursing degree.

  • Toby hopper Endowed Scholarship:

Toby hopper Endowed Scholarship is an exclusive one for single moms only. They offer assistance for graduate and undergraduate studies. It also helps the children’s education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do single moms go to nursing school?

A single mom can go to nursing college by taking the benefit of tax breaks. Other than this, they can go for several scholarships that allow moms to go to nursing school.

Can you go to nursing school and be a mom?

Yes, why not. You can become the best nurse while becoming the world’s best mom. You can do it.

How can a single mom afford college?

Mom often qualifies for several programs from the government and finds the best scholarships also. so with the help of their mom go to college.

Do single moms qualify for FAFSA?

Yes, in fact, FAFSA’s priority is lone parents especially, single moms. so yes you can go for FAFSA if you’re a single mom.


All these are nursing scholarships for single mothers. It is noteworthy that each one has different needs and qualifications. It is advised to study all these nursing scholarships for single mothers carefully and apply for the one that suits your requirements the best. There are 2.6 million jobs in nursing, and 60% are in hospitals. This profession is in demand, and it is the right choice if you opt for it for a stable future. Nursing jobs have excellent working hours and benefits. Consider this option for sure if you are passionate. If you have a real passion for this field then you should surely take the necessary education and make a career out of it. When in need, these nursing scholarships are always there to help you out.


How do you write a good nursing scholarship essay? ›

Essential tips for writing your nursing essay
  1. Fully understand the requirements and criteria.
  2. Create a solid essay outline.
  3. Study the essays of past scholarship winners.
  4. Be clear and concise.
  5. Share your plans for the future.
  6. Have a friend proofread your essay.
  7. Do:
  8. Don't:
Nov 11, 2020

What is the Washington Nixon nursing scholarship for single mothers? ›

Washington-Nixon Nursing Scholarship

Applicants must be single mother nursing students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor's of science in nursing program in the Houston or surrounding area nursing schools. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and a 3.0 GPA or better.

Can a single mom become a nurse? ›

Single parents and guardians don't have to put their nursing education on hold. Learn about programs and nursing scholarships for single parents and guardians.

What is the Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania Nurse Leader scholarship? ›

The Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania Future Nurse Leader Scholarship exists to provide scholarships to students demonstrating leadership skills in their pursuit of a nursing degree. Funds are for full-time nursing students in an accredited BSN, MSN, or doctoral program in Pennsylvania.

What to say when they ask why you deserve a scholarship? ›

Talk about your Passion and Persistence

Letting your passion show through in your answer allows the committee to see your dedication. You deserve this scholarship based on your love of learning, your enjoyment of your field, or your passion for growth.

What is an example of a nursing scholarship personal statement? ›

I am determined to be the best nurse I can be, to be a person of assurance for the patient, to be confident in my skills and abilities to help the patient, and most importantly, to be the patient's advocate and champion for their health and well-being during a time when they cannot do it for themselves.

What is the Queen scholarship? ›

The Queen's Scholarship was an annual education scheme introduced by the colonial government in 1885 to enable promising students in Singapore and Malaya to enrol at a British university.

What is the Golden Door scholarship? ›

About the Golden Door Scholarship

Golden Door Scholars is an organization that provides large college scholarships, career and fellowship support, mentorship, and community-building opportunities for undocumented students.

How many people get the Golden Door scholarship? ›

272 Graduates

Since the first cohort, GDS has graduated dreamers working high-earning careers or attending graduate programs.

What is the easiest nurse to be? ›

Low-Stress Nursing Careers
  1. Nurse Educator. This is one of the least stressful nursing jobs available. ...
  2. School Nurse/Summer Camp Nurse. If you love children, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. ...
  3. Nurse Administrator. ...
  4. Public Health Nurse. ...
  5. Nurse Researcher. ...
  6. Nurse Informaticist. ...
  7. Case Management Nurse. ...
  8. Home Health Nurse.
Sep 30, 2020

What are the easiest nurses to become? ›

  1. Pre-op Nurse. About the Job: ...
  2. Travel Nurse. About the Job: ...
  3. School Nurse. About the Job: ...
  4. Occupational Health. About the Job: ...
  5. Assisted Living Facility. About the Job: ...
  6. Post-op Nurse. About the Job: ...
  7. Research Nurse. About the Job: ...
  8. Home Health RN. About the Job:

How long do nurses stay at one job? ›

Many people (especially managers) will say that it is common courtesy to stay in a nursing position for at least 2 years. From the perspective of the employer, it costs money to hire new staff and can take a considerable amount of time to recuperative the investment of recruiting, hiring, orienting, and training.

What is the $1000 Vicki Sartin's purpose in nursing scholarship? ›

Vicki Sartin's Purpose in Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is for you if you're a single mom wanting to pursue a nursing or doctoral degree. As long as you're an undergraduate or graduate student, you could be one of the two winners that will receive $1,000 each.

How does nurse Corps scholarship work? ›

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program provides financial support to students enrolled in nursing degree programs in exchange for a commitment to serve in high-need areas across the country. The scholarship includes payment of tuition, required fees, other reasonable costs, and a monthly living stipend.

What is practice scholarship in nursing? ›

The scholarship of practice interprets, draws together, applies, and brings new insight to original research (Boyer, 1990; AACN 2018). Knowledge of the basic principles of the research process, including the ability to critique research and determine its applicability to nursing's body of knowledge, is critical.

How do you answer why did you choose this scholarship? ›

Share specifics of what excites you about the scholarship and how it aligns with your college and future goals. Keep your answer positive and focus on the best aspects of the scholarship. Example: I chose to apply to the Davis-Putter Scholarship because I've always been passionate about political activism.

How to write a letter explaining why you deserve a scholarship? ›

How to write a scholarship application letter
  1. Review the organization's requirements. ...
  2. Include your contact information. ...
  3. Introduce yourself and why you're applying. ...
  4. Discuss your major accomplishments. ...
  5. List your unique skills or qualities. ...
  6. Express your interest in your education or career. ...
  7. Conclude and thank the reader.
Sep 30, 2022

How do you write a good scholarship statement? ›

While there is no one correct way to write a personal statement, here are some tips that are universally applicable:
  1. Start on your personal statement early. ...
  2. Be clear. ...
  3. Get personal. ...
  4. Make it authentic. ...
  5. Be careful with humor and clichés. ...
  6. Be reflective. ...
  7. Use specific examples to illustrate your ideas.
Jul 29, 2022

What is an example of a supporting statement for a nurse? ›

I am highly focused on providing the best possible care for patients and ensuring they are comfortable and receiving the correct pain relief. I am exceptionally organised and have excellent time management skills meaning that I work well under pressure and can manage the needs of individual patients effectively.

How to write a strong personal statement for nursing school? ›

7 Tips to Write an Effective Nursing School Essay
  1. Plan Your Nursing School Essay. ...
  2. Make Yourself Stand Out. ...
  3. Share Your Dreams. ...
  4. Show that You Care about People. ...
  5. Explain Your Qualifications. ...
  6. Tell the Admissions Committee Why You Want to Go to Their School. ...
  7. Have a Friend Edit Your Essay.
Sep 15, 2022

How should I start my essay? ›

Your essay introduction should include three main things, in this order:
  1. An opening hook to catch the reader's attention.
  2. Relevant background information that the reader needs to know.
  3. A thesis statement that presents your main point or argument.
Feb 4, 2019

What is the Royal Purple scholarship? ›

The Royal Purple Scholarship offers an annual award of $3,500 to its recipients. Applicants must submit the admission application by the January 4 priority date before submitting the scholarship application.

What is a royal grant? ›

The Sovereign Grant is paid annually to the monarch by the Treasury to fund the monarch's official duties, replacing the system of funding the Royal Household by a mixture of civil list payments and grants-in-aid.

What is Crown scholarship? ›

The Crown Scholarship is the College of Architecture's most prestigious and selective scholarship. The College of Architecture seeks incoming students with exceptional potential who will be challenged by the Illinois Tech curriculum to pursue a professional commitment to excellence in architecture.

What is the E12 scholarship? ›

E12 eases the financial pressures of studying through a generous first year scholarship. Students who remain enrolled in their E12 course in a full-time capacity will receive scholarship funds in two equal payments of $2,975 after Semester 1 census (31 March) and Semester 2 census (31 August).

What is the Rainbow scholarship? ›

The Rainbow Scholarship is awarded to deserving applicants who self-identify within the community. All U.S. citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled as an undergraduate at a U.S. institution of higher education and looking to study abroad are eligible to apply.

How much is the dream US scholarship? ›

TheDream.US National Scholarship Program is for undocumented students who are eligible for in-state tuition at one of our National Partner Colleges. This scholarship is for up to $16,500 for an associate's or up to $33,000 for a bachelor's degree at one of our National Partner Colleges.

Who receives the most scholarships? ›

Recipients of Scholarships Statistics

The college majors with the highest shares of federal grant money received are health at 18.4%, humanities at 16.3%, and business/management at 15.9%.

Who gets the most college scholarships? ›

Over 33% of private scholarships are provided to STEM students. The chances of a white student getting a scholarship are 14.2%, while the odds for minority students are 11.2%. What is this? The odds of a Black student winning a scholarship is 11.4%, 9.1% for Hispanic students, and 10.5% for Asian students.

How many people get the Bill Gates Scholarship? ›

Each year, 300 student leaders are selected for the Gates Scholarship, with each winner receiving funding for the full Cost of Attendance to an accredited four-year US university or college.

What is the lowest RN degree? ›

In general, nurses fall into three categories: non-degree, degree, and advanced degree. Non-degree nurses include certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs), who complete nursing education programs that don't culminate in a degree.

What is the hardest nursing major? ›

Pharmacology, or the study of medication, can seem scary because of the sheer scope of the course. "It becomes one of the hardest classes for nursing students due to the depth and amount of knowledge needed," says Megan Lynch, RN and instructor at Pima Community College.

Which state is easiest to become a nurse? ›

Easiest states to become a nurse – Length of licensing process
  • Maine: 1-2 weeks.
  • Maryland: 2-3 days.
  • Missouri: 2 weeks.
  • Nevada: 1-2 weeks.
  • North Carolina: 1-2 weeks.
  • North Dakota: 1-2 weeks.
  • Texas: 2 weeks.
  • Vermont: 3-5 business days.

What is the fastest nursing degree? ›

The fastest way to become an RN is through an RN diploma program, which can be completed in as little as a year. While completing this program does not lead to a degree, it does make the individual eligible to take the NCLEX and earn their RN license.

What are the least paying nurses? ›

Licensed vocational nurses (LVN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) are some of the lowest-paid nursing roles, but that is due to the fact that the educational requirements are less than most other types of nurses.

What is the longest shift a nurse can work? ›

In most cases, hospitals will not allow nurses to work more than 16 hours in a row. Clinic nurses (private practice) typically will not work more than 8 hours per day. Scheduled shifts are typically either 8, 10, or 12 hours in duration and may not follow the typical pattern of the day, evening, or night shifts.

How many nurses quit in the first 5 years? ›

Over 50% of nurses quit within the first five years.

More specifically, over 17% quit within the first year, and a whopping 56% quit after the first two years.

How many nurses quit after 1 year? ›

85% of nurses plan to leave hospital roles 1 year from now: Survey. Becker's Healthcare: Hospital.

How to make money in nursing education? ›

How To Make Money While In Nursing School (9+ Options!)
  1. Healthcare Industry Jobs.
  2. Service Jobs.
  3. Retail Jobs.
  4. Freelance Writing Or Editing.
  5. Virtual Assistant.
  6. Tutoring.
  7. House Sitting Or Pet Sitting.
  8. Open An Online Store.
Mar 7, 2023

What is the Bertha P Singer nurses scholarship? ›

The Bertha P. Singer Nurses Scholarship is for students who will enroll for fall term or semester in a nursing program as at least a second-year student. This scholarship may be received for a maximum of three years. U.S. Bank employees, their children, and near relatives are not eligible.

What is the nurse Corps scholarship 2023 2024? ›

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Nurse Corps SP will pay each full-time student a monthly stipend of $1,527 (which is reduced after federal income and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes are deducted).

How does the Lily scholarship work? ›

A Lilly Scholar will receive a scholarship for the total cost of tuition. Lilly Scholars will also be guaranteed an internship or co-op opportunity at Eli Lilly with a promise of coordinated interaction with company leaders.

Is scholarship Owl legit? ›

Yes, Scholarship Owl is a legit website. It connects you with scholarships that could help you get free money for college. That doesn't necessarily mean the paid features are worth it, though.

What are API scholarships? ›

API Scholarships. API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually ranging from $250 – $2,000 per student. Participants may apply for multiple API scholarships (though, may only be awarded one) and are encouraged to refer to the list of additional scholarship and funding resources included below.

What is the Arnold and Marie Schwartz Fund for nursing scholarship? ›

The Arnold and Marie Schwartz Fund for Nursing Scholarship was generously donated by Ms. Marie Schwartz, a friend and supporter of NYU Meyers. This scholarship is designed to support top academic achievers in the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing's Baccalaureate, Accelerated Baccalaureate, and Master's Programs.

What is a clinical scholarship? ›

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing defines clinical schol- arship as “.those activities that systematically advance the teaching, research, and practice of nursing through rigorous inquiry that 1) is. significant to the profession, 2) is creative, 3) can be documented, 4) can be.

How do you write a convincing essay for a scholarship? ›

Writing Your Scholarship Application Essay
  1. Plan ahead. Don't procrastinate! ...
  2. Talk about your accomplishments. Be clear and to the point. ...
  3. State your need. What is your financial situation? ...
  4. Keep it simple. Don't use unnecessary words (i.e., don't use three words when one will do) ...
  5. Make it easy on your reader.

How do you start a good scholarship essay? ›

The best choice is to write an attention-grabbing sentence. It should be something persuading or intriguing that will make a person continue reading your essay with great interest. Avoid long explanations or introductions. Instead, this sentence should be short and clear.

How do you write why I want to be a nurse essay? ›

Plan Your Nurse Essay

Jot down ideas that express your passion for the nursing profession, as well as any personal or familiar experience that led you to take this step. Be honest. Be open. Summarize your story, highlight your goals, and think about what the nursing profession means to you.

What is the proper format for a scholarship essay? ›

Scholarship Essay Formatting
  • Times New Roman font.
  • 12-point font size.
  • Double spaced.
  • 1” margins (top, bottom, and side)
  • An indent before each paragraph.
  • Your last name and page numbers (only for long essays) on the top, left side of the page.
  • Use PDF format by default unless the website requires something else.
Jan 13, 2023

How do you sell yourself in a scholarship essay? ›

These may include:
  1. Your current degree, as it applies to your overall career goals. ...
  2. Your short-term and long-term professional goals. ...
  3. Past experiences that sparked your passions. ...
  4. Something about you that relates to their organization. ...
  5. Something unique that sets you apart from other applicants.
Sep 28, 2022

How to write a convincing motivation letter for a scholarship? ›

In your body paragraphs, you should write about the following:
  1. Your relevant work experience. Don't make your motivation letter simply a copy of your CV. ...
  2. Your educational background. ...
  3. You can strengthen your motivation letter by proposing a concrete action plan for what you will do if granted the scholarship.
Feb 22, 2023

What do scholarships look for? ›

Scholarship Winners Demonstrate Leadership and Communication Skills. Scholarship committees are looking for people who can communicate effectively and who showcase their leadership potential. Leaders are not only confident in their own abilities, but they know how to work as part of a team as well.

Is it good to start a scholarship essay with a quote? ›

In most cases, quoting other people isn't a good way to start your college essay. Admissions officers want to hear your thoughts about yourself, and quotes often don't achieve that. Unless a quote truly adds something important to your essay that it otherwise wouldn't have, you probably shouldn't include it.

What is the best way to answer why I want to be a nurse? ›

Here are some of the best reasons to consider:
  1. Making a Difference in People's Lives. One of the most gratifying aspects of being a nurse is the opportunity to positively impact patients' lives. ...
  2. Diverse Career Opportunities. ...
  3. Job Stability and Growth. ...
  4. Lifelong Learning. ...
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration.
May 4, 2023

How do you answer why did you choose to be a nurse? ›

I believe in helping people, especially in times of extreme need. When I worked as an EMT I was always the one asked to facilitate information between any involved party. I want to expand this skill and I think nursing is a good fit for me. My interests and experience with medical professionals are good for this job.”

What motivates you to be a nurse answer? ›

What motivates you? Many nurses are drawn to the profession because of a sincere desire to help others. These professionals can get a renewed sense of job satisfaction very day as they continue to provide caring and compassionate service to the patients to whom they are assigned.

What not to say in a scholarship essay? ›

Don't use words like “finally”, “in sum” or “in conclusion”. Don't repeat or sum up in any way. Don't start too many sentences with the word “I”. Don't tell the reader explicitly, “I am a unique and interesting person.” Instead, let the reader glean this from your unique and interesting essay.

Do I need to put my name on a scholarship essay? ›

A standard scholarship essay heading should include your name, your contact information, the name of the scholarship, and the date. While not necessary, it can be helpful to include a title or the essay prompt at the top of your essay as well.

How long should a scholarship statement be? ›

Before you start filling out your scholarship application, you should spend some time thinking about how to write a scholarship personal statement that expresses who you are and why you deserve to receive a scholarship. Your personal statement should be a minimum of 200 words.


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